Labelpush dashboard

Powerful, transparent reporting, accounting solution, promotion, demo manager. In-depth information and insights that you need to make better decisions about your music and your business. Tailored features for labels, publishing, and neighbouring rights.

More money, faster

Our unmatched technology platform optimizes every step of the collection process to increase your royalty payments.

Freedom & control

Benefit from flexible contracts that give you 100% ownership over your work and more control over your future.

Real transparency

See more of everything. We show you all of your income and activity data across all your rights in real time.

Built for you

Whether you’re a label, or publisher, our pioneering technology gives you total transparency, control over your career, and collects more money, faster.

Make More From Your Music

Labelpush empowers thousands of labels to maximize their earnings and increase their global footprint.

Distribute your music to hundreds of stores worldwide

Stress-free point-and-click royalty management

Reach millions of new listeners

Discover your next big act

The best support worldwide

Maximize your music’s reach with the tech and team you need.

Maximize your music’s reach with the tech and team you need.

Alongside our client support team, get the most out of your music with our technology, distribution network, royalty management, music monetization services, and marketing.

Since 2017, we have worked with our community of independent labels to build and grow their brands and businesses.