Hassle Free Distribution To All Major Stores Worldwide

Easy setup

Easy setup

Free ISRC and UPC codes. No set-up fees. No distribution fees. No subscription fees.

Control your earnings

Control your earnings

Get detailed reports monthly and request payments anytime via PayPal or bank transfer – get paid when YOU want to get paid.

Deliver your back catalog

Deliver your back catalog

Import your previously distributed music from Spotify or Beatport. We’ll help you redeliver your back catalog to all supported stores.

Store feaures

Store Features

Submit release and marketing plans and our team will help you get priority placement for your releases.

Automate Your Accounting

Create and send artist statements instantly from your monthly royalty reports. Share live sales reports using a secure link.

Daily Sales Trends And Analytics

Monitor artist performance by store, country or genre. Daily sales reports are available from participating stores (Apple Music, Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Traxsource) – Something you won’t find from other distributors.

Promote Your Music

With our automatic link delivery you’ll be able to promote your tracks from the instant your release is live.

Why join LabelPush?

Release unlimited music to hundreds of stores.
Keep 85% of your royalties.
Keep 100% of your rights.
Flexible accounting tools that scale.
Detailed analytics
Easy label & artist statements
Free Demo Management
Let your demos stand out

Reach out to millions of listeners and fans...

Intuitive dashboard and suite of business tools give creators total control over the distribution workflow, while making it easy to collect royalty payments, process reports, pay other rights holders, monitor daily and monthly performance of your content, and create your marketing campaign.